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Draw a sonic line in the sand: between normal studios | and studios with CLASP

When tape-based recording was largely replaced by DAWs, it left a sonic void that plugins have not been able to fill. CLASP is tape > at digital speed. CLASP routes all audio to tape then lines it up with sample accuracy in the DAW in real time. CLASP integrates your tape machine into the modern DAW workflow, making the most of both platforms. All functionality of the DAW remains, but your computer will sound like your tape machine. You’ll spend more time recording, and no time waiting for transfers, Lynx boxes or SMPTE.


The DAW controls the tape machine, and you don’t have to touch it once tape is loaded. DAW features like playlists and quickpunch are not compromised. Perhaps best of all, CLASP delivers what is technically impossible with a DAW alone: zero latency, real time analog monitoring. Better for singers and the groove.

Switch tape speeds to get different tones all within the same project—track drums at 15ips, bass at 7.5 and vocals at 30, for example. CLASP is easy on transports because it’s not chasing anything. Standard tape reels are used from top to tails which means the tape wears down much more slowly, lasting anywhere from multiple songs to multiple projects. Record as many simultaneous tracks as your tape machine and converters can accommodate.

CLASP consists of mastering-grade hardware and rock-solid control software

  • Analog auto-router with zero-loss and zero latency.
  • Tape machine remote emulator—works with virtually any professional analog tape machine that has a remote connection.
  • Master control plugin to coordinate delay compensation, tape track arming and tape transport.
  • Supports Mac and PC, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, and DP (coming soon).

With CLASP your tape machine will generate business again and cost less to operate

  • CLASP encourages overdubs on tape. Give clients a HUGE SOUNDING reason to make their entire record in your studio.
  • Mid-session tape transfers are no more, and no longer a stumbling block to studio owners or artists.
  • Reuse tape. Minimize tape costs and make analog recording affordable again.
  • Less wear and tear on tape machine means less maintenance.
  • One CLASP system can operate up to three machines: Get the most of your tape machine investments.
  • Easy installation and set up (about one hour) with Free Technical Support.


  • Zero-loss signal path
  • Sample accurate tape synchronization
  • Auto input monitor switching
  • A/D Converter latency correction
  • Zero latency analog monitoring
  • Auto tape transport control
  • Post-roll auto record
  • Return to zero rewind from DAW
  • Audible rewind function
  • Auto rewind
  • End of tape sensor
  • Large size tape reel support
  • CLASP Machine Matrix Ready
  • MMC and HUI support
  • Remaining tape time counter
  • Auto channel cascading
  • Repro only monitor option
  • Daisy chaining for up to 72 channels
  • Auto standby power saving mode
  • Machine online / offline hotkey
  • Arm / Disarm all tracks hotkey
  • Multiple machine sync memory
  • Direct record mode
  • MIDI Programmer mode
  • Manual input monitor select
  • Wow and Flutter Compensation
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